Iowa Man
Iowa Man was a first class passenger on the RMS Titanic.


Early life

Little is known about the Man's life before he got onboard the ship, though he was born in Des Moines, Iowa and got married. Despite her age even through her fiftieth birthday people had mistaken her to be his daughter because she looked like she was middle aged, though the Man would correct him and that he was a lucky man.

In 1912, at some point after his wife turned fifty, he traveled to either France or England and bought a ticket to the RMS Titanic to travel back to Iowa.

RMS Titanic

During the sinking, the man gave Rose DeWitt Bukater a letter to his Iowa Man's Wife in their home in Des Moines in case if she survived.

Behind the scenes

  • The Iowa Man was portrayed by John Slade in James Cameron's Titanic, but his scenes were cut from the theatrical release and were put in the film's deleted scenes.


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