(subtitled) "You stupid bastard. I can't believe you bet on all of our money."

—Olaf telling Sven that it was his fault.

Olaf (1)
Age 32
Status Last seen alive
Family Sven (brother)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde

Olaf was a Swedish poker player that lived in Southampton, England. He was Sven's brother, who planned on boarding the RMS Titanic with him with third class tickets. Despite having spent much money on the tickets, he and his brother still had substantial money, enough to interest people in a game of poker.

On the day of the trip, the pair found themselves in a heavy stakes poker game with Jack Dawson and Fabrizio De Rossi. Sven had bet their tickets as a way of making their opponents go all in with everything they had, something Olaf was against. Despite Sven having two pairs, Jack beat him with a full house, resulting in them losing their tickets aboard the ship.

As Jack collected their winnings, Olaf grabbed him and prepared to strike only to then strike his brother instead, knocking him out, due to the man having lost them tickets that cost them a fortune.

This unfortunate event ironically saved Olaf's and Sven's lives, as both Jack and Fabrizio died when the ship sunk, which means he and Sven could of most likely died on the Titanic too if he won the game.

It is possible that Olaf was abusive towards his brother or Olaf was abused when he was growing up.

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