"You're gonna have to pay for that, you know? That's White Star Line property!"

—Scotland Road Steward telling Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson that the door they broke was White Star Line property.

Scotland Road Steward
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Age Early 40s
Status Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Time of Death Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde

Scotland Road Steward was third class steward.

RMS Titanic

During the sinking he spent most of his time preparing the passengers of the lower class to evacuate during the sinking. He was trying to escort a Third Class passenger when he heard a door being torn down. Jack Dawson breaks down the door with Rose DeWitt Bukater following him. The steward yelled at the couple that the door was a part of White Star Line property. Annoyed, Jack and Rose yells "Shut up!" at the steward. This rebuke stunned the steward, which left him speechless.

It is unknown if he survived the sinking.