"Bloody hell!"

—Starwell Steward exclaims while going to the Third Class gate, attempting to save Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson.

Stairwell Steward
Titanic-movie-screencaps com-17145
Age Possibly early 30s
Cause of Death Unknown
Time of Death Sometime before 1996
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black

Stairwell Steward was third class steward.

RMS Titanic

Stairwell Steward attempting to unlock the gate with his keys

During the sinking, he tried to flee to a higher deck as the ship began to sink. He accidentally came across a desperate Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson, who were trapped behind a metal gate as the water rose to dangerous levels. Who went to leave but felt sorry for them and decided to unlock the gate. However, he panicked and dropped the keys. Unable to see them, he fled before the water became waist high, abandoning them. Although, by trying to aid the pair, they did manage to get out although it was only just in time.

"I'm sorry, I dropped the keys!"

He was next seen next collapsible lifeboat B. Later on he was between survivors on Carpathia.

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