"Go back down the main stairwell, and everything will be sorted out there. (Jack: Open the gate) Go back down the main stairwell. (Jack: Open the gate, right now!) Go back down the main stairwell, like I told you!"
—Steward #2 telling Jack Dawson and other Third Class passengers to go back down the main stairwell.

Steward #2 was third class steward. He appears handing out life jackets to third Class passengers in the cramped hallway when the Titanic was sinking. Later, he appears trying to calm a few third Class passengers behind a gate, trying to get in. Jack Dawson, Rose DeWitt Bukater, Tommy Ryan and Fabrizio De Rossi approach the gate. Jack orders the steward to open the gate. The steward continues

Seeing it was pointless, Jack, Thomas and Fabrizio grabbed a bench nearby and forced it from its hinges to ram the gates. Rose pulled passengers back as they did so.

The man was furious that they had done so and continued to fruitlessly demand them to stop and go back only to be punched in the face by Thomas.

Given he was knocked out so low in the boat, it is likely he perished.

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