"Bring forward the women! No men! Lock the gate!"
—Steward #3 telling crew to bring forward the women and no men.

Steward #3 was third class steward.

RMS Titanic

During the night of the sinking, he made sure no one passed through the the decks from third class, not understanding that the water was rising to their level, condemning them all to death if they didn't get to the boat deck.

Still not understanding enough, he at least tried to allowed the women through, but only one got through before the men tried to push through as well. He took out a revolver and threatened to shoot anyone else who tried to get through once he locked the gate.

Thomas Ryan yelled at the steward that there are women and children stuck behind the gate and let them through so that they can have a chance. This causes the steward to panic while the gun shakes in his trembling hand.

He never got on deck and drowned inside the ship.

Behind the Scenes

He was portrayed by Kevin Owers.