"To hell with you!"
—Steward #4 threatens Rose DeWitt Bukater after she punches him in the nose, breaking it.

Steward #4 was a third class steward on board the RMS Titanic when it began to sink.

When Rose DeWitt Bukater seeks help for Jack Dawson, this Steward tried to force her to go with him and get onto a lifeboat up on the boat deck, since she was a First Class Passenger. He appeared with several lifebelts in hand which he was taking to the upper decks. He then proceeded to grab Rose's hand and pull her along the corridor.

He kept babbling on about how they must get to safety as Rose continued to try to make him listen to her. When he refused to listen to her plea, Rose punched him in the nose, breaking it. He stated "To hell with you" and abandoned her, leaving the lifebelts he was carrying behind.